Tcl/tk graphic Interface for xMAME

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New version just released!

04/12/00: Spanish support released.

04/06/00: Search added, some visual improves and preset values fixed. Functions optimized.

IT-MAME is a Front End for the great Unix arcade emulator xmame, wich is based on M.A.M.E. project (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). It has been written on tcl/tk, and yes, it already exists a tk frontend called tk-mame, but IT-MAME is smaller, quicker, and easier to use.

This script was developed and tested over the 0.36rc1 version of xmame, so i don't know if that works on prior versions of xmame, if you can test it, please let me know.

Here we have two screenshots:


v0.1.5: more functions added, 0.36.rc1 compatible

Here is the documentation of the proggy(you receive your own copy for free when download ;)

Well, if you like it, or feel IT maybe useful for you, just download the version that best fit your needs:

  • It-mame 0.1.5 english (10K.for 0.36rc1 version of xmame)
  • It-mame 0.1.5 spanish (10K.)
  • It-mame 0.1 both english/spanish (14K for 0.36b14 version of xmame) .

    The thanks goes to MAME, xMAME and mamex creators, and LeTaL, my linux mazta.

    This Software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License

    Doubts, suggestions or comments related to IT-MAME (i have no relation with tk mame, xmame nor MAME, and i don't send any ROMs), writte to me: <>

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